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Welcome to ElvisPresley.News! (Yes .News, this is the place for Elvis News!!!) We have on this page all the Elvis news as well as reviews, articles and interviews. if that isn't enough, you can view Elvis videos, Elvis photos and an Elvis SongDataBase (Lyrics and more). For all fans we recommend ElvisPresleyShop.com where you will find a huge selection of Elvis CDs, FTD Collectors Label CDs, DVDs, Elvis Books and Elvis Memorabilia.

'The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956' 2 LP Vinyl for RSD

Memphis Recording Service (MRS) have released 'The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956' as a limited edition 1000 copies only double vinyl LP Record for 'Record Store Day' (RSD). This Limited Edition 180 gram 2 LP set contains for the first time ever, the complete archival live recordings of the Louisiana Hayride by Elvis Presley from 1954-1956 on vinyl. All of the 33 tracks herein are re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology and include recently discovered material, including a live version of 'I Forgot to Remember to Forget' and a brand new song 'Little Mama', released for the first time ever on vinyl. The bonus 24 page booklet has many rare and unreleased photographs. It contains extensive linear notes, with informative and historical facts on Elvis' time with the Louisiana Hayride.
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Freddy Bienstock : Music Publishing and Elvis Presley

Although Freddy Bienstock is not a household name, he is famous to many as the music publisher and plugger for Elvis Presley. But still, even to Elvis fans, he is something of a mystery figure. We know about James BurtonScotty MooreRed West and Colonel Parker, but who can tell you much about Freddy Bienstock? And yet look in the index of any Elvis Presley biography and you will find references to him. He runs through Peter Guralnick's definitive biographies, and, quite clearly, he is an essential component in the Elvis story. Just how important becomes clear when he said, quite matter of factly, 'For the first 12 years of Elvis' career with RCA, he wouldn't look at a song unless I had seen it first'.
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'Elvis on Television 1956-1960 Hardback Book (in Slipcase) from Boxcar

To celebrate the 60th ANNIVERSARY YEAR of Elvis' first appearance on national television, Boxcar Enterprises will release a LIMITED EDITION 400-page hard cover book (with slipcase), a comprehensive illustration of Elvis Presley's early television appearances titled 'Elvis on Television 1956-1960'. From his first national introduction on the Dorsey Brothers 'Stage Show' in January 1956, through his appearances on other TV shows hosted by famous celebrities such as Milton Berle, Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan (including the infamous 'from the waist up' show in January 1957), this book goes well behind the scenes of each show documenting his arrival, the rehearsals and the shows themselves, all the way through to Elvis' post-army appearance on The Frank Sinatra-Timex Show in May 1960. It was to be his last television appearance for eight years.
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Elvis' Humor: Girls, Guns & Guitars

'Elvis Humor' is a biography of Elvis' top 290 comic moments. The King of rock and roll is for the first time revealed as the King of humor. Girls, guns, guitars, morgues, one-way mirrors, fleets of gifts, duping the U.S. President, chimpanzee sex, charade assassins, and water pistol fights are the deepest insights into the real Elvis. Presley had a thoughtful, comprehensive sense of humor, as detailed in the first chapter 'The Psychology of Elvis' Humor'. The best comic moments of his life follow.
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Review : Elvis : Hot August Night : August 25, 1969 : Midnight Show

Elvis was in fine form on this 'Hot August Night' of the 25th of August 1969, a performance perhaps never to be beaten. For those that only read the summery of reviews, I can be quite clear, this concert is without doubt the best live recording released to-date of Elvis Presley in 1969, and is one of the best concerts Elvis Presley ever performed - both in sound quality and performance! Why? I could say, listen to it and you will agree, but I offer you an interesting fact, it was from this concert that RCA chose to use seven (7) of the tracks to make up the original 12 track 'Elvis In Person' album in 1969. This is 58% of the albums tracks. And this is from the good number of concerts recorded of which several have been released on CD by FTD. So crystal clear stereo sound and a great performance.
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Kurt Russell and Elvis Presley

Kurt Russell began his film career at the age of 10 in an uncredited part as in Elvis Presley's It Happened At The World's Fair. A favorite scene in the movie is when a ten-year-old Kurt Russell is paid by Elvis' character to kick him in the shins.  Little did anyone dream that years later the same Kurt Russell would play Elvis in the made for TV move 'Elvis' and receive an Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy nomination for his portrayal.
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FTD are re-pressing the following 'Sold Out' Titles

FTD are pleased to announce that the following items are being re-pressed. It's hoped that some will be available for the new release ship out. The MOST notable are, Sold OutHot August Night and The On Stage Season. The other titles; FTD 94 Elvis (Fool), FTD 125 Elvis (2nd Album), FTD 131 Flaming Star, FTD 134 King Creole, FTD 137 Live A Little, Love A Little, and FTD 128 The Return To Vegas. in vinyl, FTD advise that all catalogue Vinyl is sold out except the latest release, FTD 312 'He Touched Me : The Recording Sessions'. (ALL these titles can be ordered from ElvisPresleyShop.com).
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Follow That Dream (FTD) will issue 3 new releases in May

Follow That Dream (FTD) will issue 3 new releases in May. There are 2 double CD releases, 'ELVIS - NBC-TV Special' (2-CD) in the Classic Album (7") Series, 'Las Vegas 1975' double soundboard CD in the FTD Soundboard Concert (5") Series, and a special limited edition vinyl release, 'King Creole - The Mono Monitor Mixes'. (1x LP 180 gram Clear Vinyl Hand Numbered Limited Edition). Pre-order now.
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Charlie, Bring Me The Request Box!

Out shortly will be Straight Arrow's 5-CD box release 'Charlie, Bring Me The Request Box!' (SA/SB 2016-01-02), featuring the complete Elvis Presley August 1975 Summer Festival. It was shortest ever Elvis Las Vegas season-after just 5 concerts, the rest of the season was cancelled due to health issues.
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'ELVIS - NBC-TV Special' 2-CD from FTD

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release in May, 'ELVIS - NBC-TV Special' (2-CD Classic Album (7") Series).
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'Las Vegas 1975' double soundboard CD from FTD

Follow That Dream (FTD) will releases in May, 'Las Vegas 1975' a double soundboard CD in the FTD Soundboard Concert (5") Series, along with two other titles.
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Video : We Remember The King (Johnny Cash / Class Of '55)

View an all star tribute to Elvis Presley. 'We Remember The King', Johnny Cash singing lead vocal and backed by Roy OrbisonJerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. (Not a bad group hey!! From the 1986 reunion 'Class Of '55'. The 'Class Of '55' was a CD release in 1986, however it was also filmed by Dick Clark and broadcast on US TV in 1989, the album billed as a 'Rock 'N' Roll Homecoming' also remembered Elvis in other songs, but stands in its own right as a classic album full of solid performances.
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Unboxing : The Elvis Presley Movie Album : Original Mono Masters CD

Elvis One proudly presents The Elvis Presley Movie Album : Original Mono Masters CD containing 34 masters from Elvis Presley as original released in mono on his albums, EPs and singles from 1956 to 1962. Many of the later released versions on CD are different to the versions as original released, like the master of 'I Want To Break Free' (as appeared on the 'Jailhouse Rock' EP), 'Dixieland Rock' (as appeared on the 'King Creole' EP), the extended master of 'Tonight's All Right For Love' (released on a German vinyl single), the album master of 'Didja' Ever', and the original mono masters of 'A Whistling Tune', 'Home Is Where The Heart Is', 'I Got Lucky' and 'King Of The Whole Wide World' (as appeared on the 'Kid Galahad' EP). All these songs as original released, including all Elvis' movie songs released on singles from 1956 to 1962 now for the first time together on one great new CD! Click to Click to view the video view the video.
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John Lee Hooker talks about Elvis Presley and sings his song 'Tupelo'

Tupelo is a city in the state of Mississippi, which is best known for being the birthplace of Elvis Presley. John Lee Hooker recorded the original version of the song, 'Tupelo' in 1959, which chronicles a flood in Tupelo, 20 years previously. Said Hooker: 'People never forgot it. So when I grew up and got famous, I wrote about it and it brought back memories to a lot of people'. Inspired by John Lee Hooker's song, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds reworked it as 'Tupelo,' combining imagery of the flood with memories of Elvis Presley. It was released on the Bad Seeds 1985 album The Firstborn is Dead. Here Johm Lee Hooker talks about Elvis, and sings the song 'Tupelo'.
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'Elvis 25' Special Deluxe Edition 2 CD and single CD Regular Special Edition

Elvis One proudly presents 'Elvis 25'. This special edition from The Bootleg Series is available as a Special Deluxe Edition (2 CDs) and a single CD Regular Special EditionThe Special Deluxe Edition contains all masters from March 20-21 and April 3-5 1960 in original Mono and Stereo sound. As well as outtakes and alternate versions from these legendary studio sessions PLUS Elvis at 'The Frank Sinatra – Timex Show' March 26, 1960, including Elvis' duet with Frank Sinatra 'Witchcraft / Love Me Tender' (unedited – with reprise.) Also including is a 16 pages booklet with photos and recording information.
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Elvis Presley Magnolia Gardens August 7, 1955

In the afternoon, Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black performed in Houston at the Magnolia Gardens (afternoon show), 12044 Beach Street, Houston, Texas. There was actually an ad for this appearance at the time, were in the audience that day and Jim and Lois Robertson were trying out a new 8mm home movie camera with color. They didn't really know of Elvis at the time and Lois Robertson only seemed to recall about 20 to 25 people in attendance. She filmed parts of the performance and after the color film was developed the Robertsons watched it once or twice, then put it away.
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Elvis Presley In Hawaii 1957 : Complete Footage with overdubbed Audio

View color film of Elvis Presley live in Hawaii 1957, complete footage with overdubbed audio.
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Rick Springfield on meeting Elvis in 1972

I met Elvis on a plane, in 1972. My manager, actually, at the time, was Steve Binder, who directed the Elvis comeback special for NBC. So I was going back and forth from Australia because I didn't have a permanent visa, so I had to fly back and get another visitor's visa and fly back to America. I was doing that for a while. I got on the plane one time and I was in the back of the bus but I walked past the first-class section - it was stopping in Hawaii because he was going to Hawaii - and there was Elvis ...
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Elvis thrilled Tulsa teens at fairgrounds April 18, 1956

If you were a teenage girl living in the Tulsa area on April 18, 1956, chances are you were screaming your head off at the fairgrounds Pavilion. 'Presley Leaves 'Em Limp - 8,000 Squeal at 1st Show', read the headline in the Tulsa World the next day. Elvis was a 21-year-old singer and former truck driver who performed two 'frenetic' Tulsa shows, 60 years ago next month. Most of the tickets were $1 each.
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Trailer : Elvis Encore Performance Volume V Hardcover Book from JAT

Elvis Encore Performance Volume V. This special series of photo journals started in 1990 with Volume I and continues with the 2016 release of Volume V. A hardback book which contains over 125 images, reviews, and documents following Elvis through much of his March/April 1957 tour. Many images from Chicago will finally stem from the original negatives and are stunning. More unpublished photos are shown throughout the book featuring both concert and candid images. View the Trailer.
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Blue Miami and Too Big For Texas - are you ready for Clambake?

Blue Miami and Too Big For Texas - are you ready for Clambake? This new release will give you a deep inside look upon the making of Elvis' 25th movie Clambake. This beautifully designed hardcover book with over 400 pages contains more than 600 pictures. Most of them never published before and in fantastic colors. Get a glimpse behind the scenes through well researched information about the movie and the actors, anecdotes from the set, the movie's recording sessions, the Clambake discography plus a large selection of memorabilia from around the world. The book also contains a reproduction of the original movie script.
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Review : The Jungle Room Sessions CD

'The Jungle Room Sessions', the 4th volume from the Follow That Dream label. And let it be said loud and clear from the start, that it was indeed worth the wait as this is a magnificent album and by far the best Follow That Dream release so far. The album contains all the songs recorded by Elvis in his final two studio recording sessions, which took place in the so called Jungle Room at Graceland (hence the title) on February 2-7 and on October 29-30, 1976, which were originally released on the albums From Elvis Presley Boulevard and Moody Blue. Sixteen complete songs plus one instrumental track plus a little, or perhaps more like a very big surprise! Of the sixteen complete tracks, thirteen are previously unreleased, alternate takes, and as such without overdubs, which in this case makes a very big difference.
Elvis Reviews > Elvis CD Reviews > FTD > By Jakob Skjernaa Hansen

'Definitive Rare Elvis Live Collection 4 CD box-set

Coming soon: 'Definitive Rare Elvis Live Collection' a limited numbered edition 4 CD box-set with only 400 copies made. Contains 2x CD Soundboard Recordings and 2x CD Audience Recordings.
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'Elvis '70 Bringing Him Back Again' Hardcover Book from JAT

'Elvis '70 Bringing Him Back Again' is a new book which picks up where the best selling 'Elvis In the Dome' ends from March 1970 to January 1st 1971. This journal will feature newly discovered and unbelievable photos from 'Elvis That's the Way It Is' and from the June Nashville recording sessions, also unreleased concert photos exclusive to this book from September to November.
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'Still Wielding The Old Magic!' CD | DVD | Double Vinyl Soundboard Box Set

VV records, presents a 400 copy only CD, DVD and double Vinyl LP box set, : 'Still Wielding The Old Magic!', a limited edition box set housed in a deluxe 350 grams gatefold sleeve that includes: - a double vinyl edition of the album with the remastered show from Richmond April 10, 1972  - a CD with an unreleased show from Buffalo April 5, 1972 - a DVD with the remastered show from Hampton Road April 09, 1972.

Live In The 50's : The Complete Tour Recordings 2 LP Vinyl Record for RSD

Memphis Recording Service (MRS) will release 'Live In The 50's - The Complete Tour Recordings' as a limited edition 1000 copies only double vinyl LP Record for 'Record Store Day' (RSD) in April. This limited edition 180 gram 2 LP set contains for the first time ever, the complete archival live tour recordings of the 1950's by Elvis Presley. All of the 34 tracks are re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology and includes a bonus track of recently discovered material. The bonus 24 page gatefold photo album has many rare and unreleased photographs and every show listing (including the Louisiana Hayride) of the 1950's.
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Such A Night In Pearl Harbor 2 LP Vinyl Record from MRS for RSD

Memphis Recording Service (MRS) will release 'Such A Night In Pearl Harbor' as a limited edition 1000 copies only double vinyl LP Record for 'Record Store Day' (RSD) in April. At the same time MRS will release, also for 'Record Store Day' 'The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956' double LP and 'Live In The 50's - The Complete Tour Recordings' double LP, both also limited to 1000 copies.
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'The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977' (JAT) Book Reprint in May

The recent JAT Publications book, 'The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977' is now sold out, however with the huge demand (and many um-filled orders!!) we are pleased to be able to report that JAT will reprint a limited number of this book in May. 'This book is the perfect companion piece to the elaborate 'Elvis Sessions IV The Recorded Music of Elvis Aron Presley 1954-1977'.
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Update 'The Elvis Files 8' plus a new Book series from Erik Lorentzen

The Elvis Files Volume 8 will be entering the final phase of production, 'going to the printer' shortly. With this announcement the The Elvis Files Team have released details of a new book series called 'Gold Standard Series', which will focus on highlights in Elvis' wonderful career. The first two books to be released later this year. Two Historical Documents – 60 Years later. 'Elvis In Person, The Florida Tour August '56' and 'Elvis at The Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, TUPELO'. (View flyers)
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Interview with Sheila Ryan

Interview with Sheila Ryan who was was Elvis' girlfriend after Linda Thompson. Sheila was the Oct.'73 Playboy cover girl and married James Caan in '76 (divorced in '77). Elvis had qualities that no other human being has, had, will have. Some of them are so hard to describe because the charisma, the qualities that he had were almost not of this world, you know. They were, a lot of times, angelic. He knew things before I knew things. He knew things that I was feeling before I was feeling them.
Elvis Articles > Elvis Interviews > By David Adams

Ann-Margret talks about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Video Ann-Margret was born Ann-Margret Olsson in Valsjöbyn, Jämtland, Sweden to Anna Aronsson and Gustav Olsson, a native of Örnsköldsvik. She grew up in a small town 'of lumberjacks and farmers high up near the Arctic Circle'. Her father worked in the United States during his youth and immigrated back in 1942, working with the Johnson Electrical Company. Ann-Margret and her mother moved to the USA four years later. When she filmed Viva Las Vegas with Elvis the two began a relationship.

Review : Chicago Stadium 2 CD 1976 Soundboard Set From FTD [Two Concerts]

1976 was a turbulent year for The King of Rock n' Roll. His continually declining health coupled with a hectic touring schedule resulted in a very up and down quality to his shows throughout the year. Coming off the summer portion of his touring schedule, where he endured numerous mediocre concert reviews, Elvis kicked off his 8th tour of 1976 with a 2-night engagement at the Chicago Stadium in the 'Windy City' of Chicago, Illinois. Did the 35-day vacation between tours help E... lvis to rejuvenate from the frenzied pace of his summer tours? The 'Follow That Dream' (FTD) Collector's Label answers that question with it's 96th release - Chicago Stadium a 2-CD set containing both performances in Chicago on Oct 14th and 15th.
Elvis Reviews > Elvis CD Reviews > FTD > Video and Audio > By Mike Hermenet

Interview with Myrna Smith

Interview with Myrna Smith, one of the Sweet Inspirations, the backing group who sang with Elvis in concert from 1969 to 1977. 'His voice was a lot more remarkable than it ever came off on record. He was just a much better singer than could ever be captured, some great singers voices are just too big.
Elvis Articles > Elvis Interviews > Elvis News > By David Adams

The Sweet Inspirations : Elvis Presley's Backup Group 1969-1977

The Sweet Inspirations were founded by 'Cissy' Houston (Born Emily Drinkard, married to Gary Houston at age 21 for two years) mother of Whitney Houston, and sister of Lee Warrick (herself the mother of well-known sisters, Myrna Smith's cousins Dee Dee and Dionne Warwick). Emily and Lee were members of The Drinkard Singers, a family group that had the distinction of recording the first Gospel album to appear on a major label: A live recording from The Newport Jazz Festival in 1959. The line-up included Judy Guions (who later became Judy Clay), Marie Epps, Larry Drinkard, Nicholas Drinkard, ...
Elvis Articles > Elvis Biography > Elvis News > By David Troedson

Review : Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis FTD CD : Live Richmond, Virginia

Our focus today is Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis : Recorded Live On Stage In Richmond, Virginia : March 18, 1974, one of the latest CDs from Sony's Follow That Dream Records. The Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis title reflects that Elvis closed out his tour two days after this Richmond concert with a show in Memphis - portions of which became the 1974 album Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis.
Elvis Reviews > Elvis CD Reviews > FTD > By Troy Yeary > By Thomas Melin

Interview with Charlie Hodge

Charlie Hodge began his musical career at age 20 in a gospel quartet with Bill Gaither. He went on to be the lead singer for the Foggy River Boys. At 5'3", the guitarist had to stand on an empty Coke crate to reach the microphone. Elvis Presley first met Hodge backstage after the group performed in Memphis, Tennessee. Charlie Hodge .... I said, 'Hello, Is Elvis there? This is Charlie Hodge'. And Lamar said, 'Charlie Hodge?' And I heard Elvis yell, 'Yeah, Charlie, come on up'. And so, that's how we got together ...
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Tom Jones Remembers Elvis Presley

Somehow, I scraped together enough money to buy every new Presley release so that I could play them in the privacy of my bedroom - all the better to study his unique singing style.
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Elvis : The Final Performance Book : Indianapolis on June 26th 1977

The book, Elvis : The Final Performance, is a lavish 100-page, full-colour 140+ photo hardback book which documents Elvis' final show in Indianapolis on June 26th 1977. This is the ultimate book on the subject and it covers every aspect of the show itself. Also, there are many additional shots of Elvis' last tour with a special 'Sundial' section! This lavish 100-page, full-colour book is a must.
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I Gotta Know - 1960 (Part II) transparent ORANGE vinyl 12" LP

I Gotta Know - 1960 (Part II) transparent ORANGE vinyl 12" LP featuring classic Elvis recordings from 1960. A limited Edition of just 120 NUMBERED copies. This is the first release of this title on coloured vinyl as a twelve inch record (formerly a 10"release).
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Donnie Sumner, 'Voice', and Elvis Presley

For six years, Donnie Sumner toured with and was a close personal friend of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. His father was a Pentecostal preacher, and his uncle, J.D. Sumner, was a legendary musical figure. Listen to a private recording where Elvis sings 'Let Me Be The One'.
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