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Welcome to ElvisPresley.News! (Yes .News, this is the place for Elvis News!!!) We have on this page all the Elvis news as well as reviews, articles and interviews. if that isn't enough, you can view Elvis videos, Elvis photos and an Elvis SongDataBase (Lyrics and more). For all fans we recommend ElvisPresleyShop.com where you will find a huge selection of Elvis CDs, FTD Collectors Label CDs, DVDs, Elvis Books and Elvis Memorabilia.

Wild In Wichita! CD

Expected soon from the E. P. Collector label is another fine release, Wild In Wichita!, their 10th - and 1st one for 2017. This new CD (label E. P. Collector, catalogue number EPC 2017-10) was recorded live from the audience in Wichita, Kansas, on December 27th, 1976.

WIN tickets to 'Elvis, The Wonder Of You' Tour of Australia 2017

WIN a pair of tickets to the 'Elvis, The Wonder Of You' Tour of Australia 2017. View the tour dates below, then simply complete the entry form and tell us - which Australian capital cities the tour visits. View page for tour dates. Enter competition here. (Competition closes Feb 24).
Elvis Australia

Leonard Cohen: 'I was a huge fan of Elvis'

Though Leonard Cohen and Elvis Presley seem to occupy different time-zones in the history of rock, they were born within a year of each other. And Cohen, like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and so many others, vividly remembers the 'shock of recognition' he felt when he first heard Presley in the '50s.
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Elvis on a plane from Hawaii to LA, June 2, 1968

Elvis Presley Photos Elvis on a plane from Hawaii to LA, June 2, 1968.
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Elvis 'Spliced Takes Hollywood Revisited' CD

After last year's very popular releases, ('Hollywood', 'Nashville', 'T-R-O-U-B-L-E', 'Snowbird'), fans asked for more and now CMT is proud to present their latest release, 'Spliced takes - Hollywood Revisited', which promises to be another winner! Again there are lots of excellent edits, and surprises. Unlike other Elvis bootleg releases with this title the producers truly were able to produce an album using many incomplete takes, to create beautiful new tracks. The professional edits will blow you away and will make you believe these are unreleased takes.
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Marty Lacker on Elvis' 1969 Memphis recording sessions

One of Elvis' trusted friends, Marty Lacker was instrumental in arranging Elvis' seminal recording sessions at American Sound Studios with producer Chips Moman in January and February of 1969. Marty shares the genesis behind those historic sessions, which yielded the hits, 'Suspicious Minds', 'In The Ghetto', 'Don't Cry Daddy', and 'Kentucky Rain' and marked an artistic rebirth for the singer.
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New shows added to 'The Wonder Of You' Tour of Australia

Due to overwhelming demand, two new shows have been added to 'Elvis, The Wonder Of You' Tour of Australia 2017, as the first shows continue to sell out. Tickets are on sale now for the 3rd Melbourne Show and 2nd Sydney show. Hot off the back of the No 1 UK debut for The Wonder Of You album, Elvis Presley has broken the all-time Official Albums Chart record with the 13th Number 1 after almost 40 years of his passing. This all-time new record marks the most No. 1 albums achieved by any solo artist in the UK ever and sees The King continue to make history for his second collection of orchestral re-workings of hits.
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Marty Lacker dies aged 80

Marty Lacker, a member of Elvis' famed Memphis Mafia and one of the best men at Elvis' 1967 wedding, died Monday after suffering from kidney failure. He was 80. He's the second member of the Memphis Mafia to die in recent months, following the November 2016 death of Joe Esposito, the other best man at Elvis' wedding.
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Top 40 Elvis The Ultimate Top 40 Collection 2 x CD Set

Top 40 Elvis The Ultimate Top 40 Collection 2 x CD Set (© 2016 Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands BV).
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The Night Bruce Springsteen Jumped the Wall at Graceland

Bruce Springsteen was seven when he first saw Elvis on The Ed Sullivan Show. Elvis Presley's third and final appearance took place on January 6, 1957. Watching the show, Springsteen felt mesmerised: 'I couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to be Elvis Presley', he recalled ... 'I jumped up over the wall and I started runnin' up the driveway, which when I look back on it now was kind of a stupid thing to do because I hate it when people do it at my house'.
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'Long Tall Sally' January 27th, 1973 dinner show CD

Released soon is a new CD release from the Ampex label, their first in almost 14 years. This time they are bringing us 'Long Tall Sally' featuring a great and rare unreleased show from January 27th, 1973 dinner show. This is the second show after the Aloha concert and the sound quality is very good for an audience recording. In this show, he starts with Long Tall Sally right after CC Rider.

'A Date With Elvis' 2 CD Set in the FTD Classic Album series

The Follow That Dream (FTD) collector's label will release 'A Date With Elvis' as a special double CD release in the Classic Album series. The set contains masters, outtakes and home recordings made during his Army time in Germany. This 7" digipack 2-CD set also features stereo masters and 'fly-on-the-wall' persona; recordings made during his Army time in Germany. It also includes the 'Is It So Strange' Binaural session.
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'Speedway' double vinyl LP from FTD Vinyl

The Follow That Dream (FTD) collector's label will release a double vinyl LP for the 'Speedway' soundtrack containing remixed Soundtrack Masters' and contains remixed stereo and mono masters.
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Sahara Tahoe: July 31st, 1971 Dinner Show CD

AudiRec proudly presents: Sahara Tahoe - a brandnew Audience recorded CD which will be released February 10, 2017. This time we have decided to release the probably last 'listenable' Lake Tahoe 'Summer of 1971' recording from an Elvis show. Recorded with non - professional equipment by a female fan in the audience - on July 31st, 1971 at the Dinner Show - it is the first time that this concert is available on a 'real' CD.

Barbara Hearn and Elvis Presley : her story

Elvis was singing in the men's room. But I'd gotten used to that. This time, though, there was something new. And it led me, after all these years, to the legendary Barbara Hearn. A little explanation -- all right, a lot of explanation -- is in order:
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Interview with Steve Wynn

Interview with Steve Wynn, bother of Kenny who we recently featured an interview with.
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Interview with Kenny Wynn : Colonel Tom Parker's assistant

Interview with Kenny Wynn, Colonel Tom Parker's assistant. Kenny had an insider's view of the Presley empire back in the 1970s when 'The King' was selling out hundreds of performances at the Las Vegas Hilton. Wynn was in charge of the sale of Elvis Presley memorabilia and even traveled with Elvis Presley on tour.
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Review : The Return To Vegas 1969 Soundboard Concert CD from FTD

Forty-five years ago, only eleven days after astronaut Neil Armstrong took his famous 'one small step' on the moon, Elvis Presley took his own giant leap. On that July 31st night in 1969, the singer stepped onto the stage of the International Hotel in Las Vegas and firmly reestablished himself as one of the world’s most dynamic performers. To commemorate the anniversary, Sony’s Follow That Dream (FTD) collectors label for Elvis fans recently released on CD The Return To Vegas, the earliest known recording from this concert series.
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Mary Tyler Moore Dies aged 80

US Emmy award-winning actress Mary Tyler Moore has died aged 80, her publicist says. Tyler Moore was best known for her television roles in the 1960s sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show and the eponymous The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 1970s. Elvis Presley fans know her for her rol in the King's last movie, 'Change Of Habit'. She was also nominated for a best actress Oscar in 1980 for the film Ordinary People. Mara Buxbaum said in a statement she died in the company of friends and her husband, Dr S. Robert Levine.
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Elvis Work In Progress Volume 1 and 2 CDs

Elvis One proudly presents two separate releases in the 'Bootleg Series', 'Elvis Work In Progress' Volumes 1 & 2. 'Elvis Work In Progress - Volume 1' represents the first album from the Elvis One label with outtakes from 1960 & 1966 together on one great new CD. An album with 29 alternate takes, including 23 alternate takes previously unreleased by Elvis’ official record company. All-in the best possible sound. This is a fly-on-the-wall experience… 'Elvis Work In Progress - Volume 2' represents the 2nd album from the Elvis One label with outtakes from 1960 & 1966 together on one great new CD. An album with 28 alternate takes, including 24 alternate takes previously unreleased by Elvis’ official record company. All-in the best possible sound. This is a fly-on-the-wall experience… Of course this BOTH albums come with nice CD-booklets with photos and recording information.
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Interview with Anita Wood

Interview with with Anita Wood, Elvis' girlfriend during the whirlwind late 50's. Anita talks about meeting Elvis for the first time WHPQ radio television in Memphis 1957, dating, Elvis being drafted and his mothers reaction, Hollywood, Elvis Presley Jr, Natalie Wood and more.
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Review : The Wonder of You FTD CD

Experiencing relatively complete shows like this one, when Elvis was in top form, means a lot to me. This is FTD's best concert release to date, and I'll be enjoying this show for years to come. Sit back and enjoy Elvis' August 13 Dinner Show, the sixth and final show that RCA recorded for That's The Way It Is.
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Interview with Elvis Presley : The 1969 Press Conference : August 1, 1969

Interview with Elvis Presley - The 1969 Press Conference - August 1, 1969.
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'The Lost Performances' II 2 DVD set

'The Lost Performances' II is a new 2 DVD set with an additional 2.5 hours of new footage and edits, to compliment the original DVD release. A real bonus is the recently found I'm Left You're Right She's Gone live version, audio only with rare film. Includes newly found fifties footage, UNRELEASED so far as well as actual footage of Elvis singing the song Tonight's All Right For Love - the European version IMPOSSIBLE to find.
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Elvis: The Essential Undubbed Masters 1969-1976 8 x CD Box Set

Elvis: The Essential Undubbed Masters 1969-1976 is a brand new deluxe 8 cd set and it is out now. Recording sessions can be time-consuming. The process of recording a song or album is often very interesting. It's like playing live in the studio, with the difference that if one goofed, they had to do it all over. Small corrections could be made but especially erasing something from the tape was a problem. Later on with the introduction of multitrack recording equipment it became much easier to alter the recordings. Channels could be erased or added and levels could be adjusted for each separate channel. Often a track that ends up on an LP or 45 contains overdubs that were made at a later stage and added to the master take. Also most of The Elvis masters contain such overdubs. This set contains the master takes as they were made in the studio, without those overdubs. It's as close as it gets to the pure sound of Elvis.
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Elvis: Until It's Time For You To Go (Songs Of Love And Heartache) CD

Elvis: Until It's Time For You To Go (Songs Of Love And Heartache). This is a wonderful album of some of Elvis' greatest 70's love songs. All tracks are alternate, undubbed versions.
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Elvis: Something For Everybody (Alternate Album) CD

Elvis: Something For Everybody (Alternate Album) CD. Elvis' thirteenth album released in June 1961. This great alternate album contains rare and hard to find outtakes (some not released by Elvis' official record company) of tracks recorded by Elvis between November 8, 1960 and March 12, 1961 in RCA's Studio B in Nashville, Tennesee. An excellent album with cover art done in 'early sixties' style with the best outtakes available. This is the album that could have been!
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Interview with Vernon Presley (1978)

Interview with Vernon Presley by Nancy Anderson : Good Housekeeping, January 1978.
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Review : Elvis At American Sound Studio 2-CD Set

FTD's 'Elvis At American Sound Studio' 2-CD opens a door to the remarkable 1969 Memphis recording sessions. As a stand-alone release it includes the remaining songs not originally available on the landmark FTD albums', Back In Memphis' & 'From Elvis In Memphis' plus an additional thirty unreleased nuggets. Akin to admiring two beautiful paintings, and discovering a third, a clever compile results in a pleasing listen which augments the stellar Memphis 1969 recording sessions trilogy with aplomb.
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Review : Memphis Recording Service: The Complete Works 1935-1955 CD Set

Memphis Recording Service is known for putting a lot of work into its high-quality releases and Memphis Recording Service: The Complete Works 1953-1955 is no exception. The label kept their promise that the overall sound quality of these recordings would be improved thanks to new remastering. Memphis Recording Service painstakingly remastered and restored the classic Sun recordings 'using the most sophisticated technology available' according to the liner notes of the release, and you can certainly hear that on the majority of the master takes on disc one. ... All in all, Memphis Recording Service: The Complete Works 1935-1955 is an excellent release that will not only be of interest to those who missed out on A Boy from Tupelo: The Complete 1953-55 Recordings but to anyone who wants to have all of Elvis' Sun recordings collected in one place and in the best sound quality possible right now.
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Elvis Presley & Helene Fischer 'Just Pretend' 'Live'

Elvis Presley & Helene Fischer 'Just Pretend', this is 'live' on television, the studio recording can be found on the number one album 'The Wonder Of You: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra'.
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Review : I Sing All Kinds The Nashville 1971 Sessions FTD CD

Sometimes living a long life has its rewards. Living to see this superb FTD album, 'I Sing All Kinds', is surely one of them. Shorn of the intrusive post production dubs, orchestration and background harmonies of the original releases, and given some inspired sound mixing, the songs on this FTD release are a joy to listen to. The improvement in sound and feel of the original releases is remarkable ...
Elvis Reviews > Elvis CD Reviews > FTD > By Mark Cunliffe

Pat Boone Remembers Elvis Presley

Pat Boone: I first met Elvis in Cleveland, Ohio. He was not very, he was not known really nationally at all. It was before Heartbreak Hotel, before Hound Dog, he had two or three country records, sort of 'rockabilly' we called them. And I'd seen his name on some jukeboxes in Texas, and made note of the name. But he couldn't be a pop artist, not in those days.
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Tom Jones Remembers Elvis Presley

Somehow, I scraped together enough money to buy every new Presley release so that I could play them in the privacy of my bedroom - all the better to study his unique singing style.
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Video : Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley : In The Ghetto Duet

Elvis Presley Video Video : Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley : In The Ghetto Duet.
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'Elvis & Ann-Margret : Love In Las Vegas' Book 150 pages of PURE LOVE

'Elvis & Ann-Margret : Love In Las Vegas' is a beautiful soft cover book with 150 pages (25 x 30 cm / 9.8" x 11.8") of PURE LOVE and the latest book from 'The Elvis Files' author, Erik Lorentzen. The book is written in English and contains a lot of great photos of the beautiful couple. KJ Consulting are proud to publish this book about one of the biggest (Hollywood) romance of the sixties. Only 900 copies printed. Almost sold out. Order now essential.
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Christmas With Elvis : A Cool Yule 2016

Elvis Presley Video This year we have for you a special image, from Elvis and the Colonel, as published in 'Billboard', December 29, 1956, and our modified version, along with video and photos of Elvis at Christmas, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. (And much more Elvis in 2017!) The arrival of winter at Graceland was always a special time of year. It meant the holiday season was fast approaching and the anticipation of all the fun things the season would bring, including decorating for Christmas, opening Christmas presents with friends and family, the annual New Year's Eve party, Elvis' birthday, building snowmen in the front yard of Graceland and more.
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Merry Christmas from ElvisPresleyShop.com

It's too late now for last minute online Christmas shopping ... but maybe one day ... Merry Christmas; a message from our friends at ElvisPresleyShop.com the #1 Elvis shop worldwide !!!

Garfield loves Elvis!
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Released : 'Spirit Of Jackson MS' 2-CD Set from FTD

The 'Spirit Of Jackson, MS' CD is now released and our order is on the way to us. On May 5th 1975, Elvis performed a concert in aid of the McComb tornado victims at the State Fair Coliseum, Jackson, Mississippi. Elvis raised $108, 860 to help residents who were affected by the devastation. The audio for this show is damaged beyond repair. However, 'Spirit Of Jackson, MS' includes two other shows from the State Fair Coliseum. Just over a month after the charity show, Elvis performed in Jackson again and this show is featured on Disc 2. Disc 1 stays at the same venue for a concert given in September 1976.
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John Lennon and ... a box full of Elvis Presley singles

Up on the 17th floor of the St Regis Hotel in New York City, John Lennon is learning to type. 'It's great', he says, 'Yoko's teaching me'. John is in his bedroom, surrounded by the detritus of creation: guitars, books, notepads, nylon-tipped pens, and... a box full of Elvis Presley singles. 'I asked someone to get all his old singles for me', he says, now down on his hands and knees, opening the box and spilling the bright red RCA labels over the floor. The next 10 minutes are spent sorting them out. My Baby Left MeHound DogOne Night and the old Sun classics are in one pile, while crap (John's opinion) like Bossa Nova Baby and Are You Lonesome Tonight? go on another.
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