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Review | Our Memories Of Elvis 2-Disc Set from FTD

In 1979, RCA Records producer Joan Deary had an idea for a unique concept album. The idea was to release an album featuring Elvis' recordings stripped down to basics ... the 'Pure Elvis Sound'. Many fans had commented that Elvis' later recordings suffered from too much overdubbing or 'sweetening', often causing Elvis' vocal performances to be buried beneath lavish, often over-the-top orchestral productions. With these over-dubbed recordings in hand, Joan went back into the recording studio and the result ... 'Our Memories Of Elvis' was born. Unfortunately, the 'Our Memories Of Elvis' series has been long out of print. But now, thanks to the good folks at Follow That Dream (FTD) Records, Elvis' fans can stroll down memory lane once again with their release, 'Our Memories Of Elvis': Volumes 1, 2 & 3.

Interview with Thom Zimny director of 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'

Thom Zimny: I think for me, the desire to do a film about Elvis came about when I realized there was a generation that was missing out on the beauty of the man and his music. The message got lost in portraying Elvis as a cartoon figure. I wanted to get to a closer place and examine the artist. We looked at what he accomplished and kept away from the backstory that has been the focus of other films which looked at the character defects and the losses in his life. I felt the music needed to be revisited and our generation would not see him as a caricature, but as a person who was deeply connected to the music and whose life has not been clearly explained in books and films.

Elvis Presley: The Searcher is the definitive movie about The King

Elvis Presley probably spent more time in front of a movie camera than any other rock star of his era. He made young rebel melodramas, breezy musical comedies, and concert films-and that's not even counting his hours and hours of appearances on TV variety shows. Yet there's never been an Elvis picture quite like HBO's two-part, three-and-a-half hour Elvis Presley: The Searcher. Ostensibly a documentary spin on author Peter Guralnick's comprehensive, analytical biographies 'Last Train To Memphis' and 'Careless Love', director Thom Zimny's film isn't about Elvis the icon so much as it's about Presley the person.

Elvis: 'The Complete '50s Movie Masters And Session Recordings' 5 CD Boxset

Memphis Recording Service will release a Limited Edition 5CD/200-page book 'The Complete '50s Movie Masters And | Session Recordings' on May 4th, 2018. The 5 CDs contain the complete works of the master and | Session studio recordings made for each of Elvis's movies during the 1950s, and all tracks have been remastered with many restoration surprises ignored by other labels. The 200-page book focuses on each of the recording | Sessions held for the four motion pictures made between August 1956 and March 1958. The comprehensive text is complemented by rare and previously unseen photographs and documentation.
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Elvis Presley's Elvis Country | 'He was on a different planet!'

When Elvis Presley entered the studio in June 1970, he did so as a man enjoying an unexpected third-act peak. The NBC TV special - the '68 Comeback - his record-breaking live return in Las Vegas, and a batch of sessions at Memphis' American Sound Studio resulting in the acclaimed From Elvis In Memphis album had successfully reinvigorated his career after a decade of artistic and commercial decline. Elvis arrived at RCA Studio B in Nashville wearing a flamboyant black cape and carrying a lion's head walking stick. His business, though, is to reconnect with the long-lost roots of his music; to create a remarkable album, Elvis Country. 'I was wondering', he says, 'if any of you guys would like to help me make a few phonograph records?'

Released | Elvis Presley: The King In The Ring RSD Vinyl

Sony Music have released the Elvis Presley, The King In The Ring is a 2LP set exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. This title is nearly sold out and will be in stock shortly. These record sets are Individually Numbered on Red opaque colored Vinyl for the first time. (Previously released as 'Tiger Man' on CD).
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Released | 'RCA Studio 1 | The New York Sessions' Record Store Day LP from MRS

Memphis Recording Service have released its 2018 for Record Store Day LP 'RCA Studio 1 | The New York Sessions' and this title is nearly sold out. in stock shortly. The LIMITED EDITION 180 gram vinyl contains the complete New York masters plus outtake session recordings. Bonus 4 Page pullout inside.
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Soul-Music Legend David Porter Talks About Elvis Presley: The Searcher

Memphis soul-music legend David Porter, the co-author of such classic hits as 'Hold On! I'm Coming' and 'Soul Man', recently took time to offer his thoughts on Elvis.

Elvis Harum Scarum: The Book

Next up from JAT Publishing is a new book about 'Harum Scarum' featuring over 150 unreleased photos from the 1965 movie. From the recording sessions, to the backlot, straight to the filming. Presented in colour and B&W, celebrating 30 years of JAT Publishing, as Elvis brings the big beat to Baghdad. As a bonus there is an extra chapter on 'Behind The Scenes of Girl Happy'. Following this will be (finally) the re-release of The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977 Hardcover Book.
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Elvis: Omaha Nebraska '74 2 CD Soundboard Set from FTD

Follow That Dream has just announced the release of Elvis: Omaha Nebraska '74 containing both shows on June 30 1974, afternoon and evening show, because the production is nearly completed on this CD, the release date is hoped to be around April 23.
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'Elvis Live In Los Angeles' CD from Touchdown

Touchdown proudly presents 'Elvis Live In Los Angeles'. We thought it was about time to re-release the concert from November 14, 1970. That's something we wanted to do for a long time. The recording we got was carefully remastered and sounds much better than on the former release 'Forum of Inglewood' from fourteen years ago.
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New And Digitally Upgraded High Definition DVD Releases For Elvis Presley

On May 25, SOFA Entertainment/UMe will release newly upgraded from standard definition (720x480, 4x3) to high definition video (1920x1080, 16x9) and digitally enhanced for image clarity and stabilization releases of three Elvis Presley DVD Collections showcasing Elvis' classic performances and fascinating insights about the icon's life and career. The 3 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring Elvis (2 DVD) | Just Elvis: All His Ed Sullivan Performances (1 DVD) | Elvis: The Great Performances (2 DVD).
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Interview with session guitar player Chip Young

Chip Young: RCA Studio B. I was blown away getting to work with Elvis. Then the next thing we did was a movie soundtrack out in L.A. We went to MGM or Universal, I've forgotten which one it was now. I remember I was driving the car with all the musicians with me. It's a movie lot, so all the buildings are really close together. I swerved around the corner and Rock Hudson stepped out of one of the doorways and jumped back in. I almost hit him. Scared me to death!

Released | Elvis Presley: The Searcher

Sony Music have released Elvis Presley: The Searcher (The Original Soundtrack) and the Deluxe 3 CD set in 8"x 8" with a 40-page book in slipcase is in stock now. The 3CD deluxe edition box set offers an expanded 55-track overview of Elvis' career as heard in the film including familiar hit recordings ('Heartbreak Hotel', 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?'), powerful vocal performances ('That's All Right', 'Tomorrow Is a Long Time', 'Trouble/Guitar Man') and rare outtakes ('Suspicious Minds', 'Separate Ways'), plus a bonus disc of additional recordings relevant to the film - including singles that inspired Presley (Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup's original version of 'That's All Right', Odetta's gospel version of Bob Dylan's 'Tomorrow is a Long Time') and two original instrumental pieces composed for the documentary by Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.
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Elvis and Me mini-series 2 DVD Limited Edition

'Elvis and Me' is a mini-series based on Priscilla Presley's best-selling book of the same name. Starring Dale Midkiff as Elvis and Susan Walters as Priscilla, the movie stays true to what Priscilla wrote in conjunction with Sandra Harmon and was a ratings blockbuster when aired on TV over two nights in 1988. While this movie has never seen an official DVD release, we have now an 'escape' well worth catching ... This edition of 'Elvis and Me' is a Numbered, 500 copies only, Limited Edition 2 DVD set in 16.9 aspect ratio. This is the uncut 3-hour + Miniseries using 2 discs in order to provide the best quality possible (enough to allow upscaling to 16.9). Includes 2 Hours of excellent bonus documentary film plus 5 high-quality photos of Elvis Presley.

Elvis: At The International 1971 CD

Touchdown proudly presents 'Elvis At The International 1971', another - by now - totally unreleased/unheard show from the January/ February engagement 1971, recorded on the midnight show on February 20, 1971. The tracklisting is quite brilliant and so is Elvis. We worked hard to improve the sound quality and hope that you'll enjoy the result as much as we do. As usual, the CD is accompanied by a full-color 16-page booklet with lots of rare photos and information on the event itself.
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Stopped By Security But Elvis Said Let Her Through

Martha Carr wanted to meet Elvis Presley. So she and a few friends from Jackson traveled to Memphis on Jan. 18, 1971, to the Jaycees' 10 Outstanding Young Men of America ceremony - now known as the 10 Outstanding  Young Americans. Elvis was the final recipient that evening at the old Ellis Auditorium. 'Of course, every woman was trying to get to Elvis', Carr says. 'But security would stop them and send them back. It looked like I wasn't going to meet Elvis, after all. 'But my friends kept urging me, 'Go on, Martha. Go see Elvis'. We were only about 40 feet from him. So I finally walked over toward him'. She was stopped by security, only to have Elvis step in: 'Let her come on', he said.

An Inside Look | Elvis Presley: The Searcher (2018) | HBO

Here is an inside look at the upcoming new multi-part documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher.

Elvis Presley: The Searcher, Parts One and Two | Film Review

Can it really be true that an Elvis Presley documentary as probing and thoughtful as Thom Zimny's Elvis Presley: The Searcher does not already exist? After decades of home video performance-film releases and docs of varying quality, this two-part, three and a half-hour film feels like a landmark, something that should be welcomed as warmly as the two Elvis books published in the 1990s by Peter Guralnick, Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love. Chipping away calcified layers of myth and caricature to address the psychology behind Presley's career, its seriousness and sensitivity is no surprise to those who've followed the series of documentaries Zimny has been making about Bruce Springsteen. Sure to fare well when it bows April 14 on HBO, it made for a spellbinding big-screen experience at the music-rooted SXSW Film Festival.

'Elvis Presley | The 50s In Stereo' Green & Orange Vinyl LPs

Vee-Tone Records will release a limited edition LP, 'Elvis Presley - The 50s In Stereo' on April 9. This special collector's edition vinyl offering from Vee-Tone Records, comes in two stunning coloured vinyl options (500 x green vinyl and 500 x orange vinyl). Hot on the heels of the Neophonic Stereo single 'My Baby Left Me' 45-6540(e), This record features 12 specially selected mono recordings given the Neophonic Stereo makeover. Individually numbered 001 – 500 of each vinyl colour, this limited edition album will not be re-pressed.
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Tearing 'Em Up! - The King In Motion Volume 3 | DVD | CD | Bookset

Tearing 'Em Up! - The King In Motion Volume 3 from Venus Productions contains 40 minutes of spectacular footage from the November 1971 Tour that is digitally remastered from the original sources and has been professionally synced with the Boston November 10th show. Highlighting this release is a 209 pages hardcover book with loads of rare and unseen pictures of the complete tour! For completeness sake, the Boston November 10th show is also included on CD in perfect Sound Board quality. Plus as an extra special bonus, included is a free CD to promote the upcoming new CDs in our 'Unedited Masters' series. The CD contains some unreleased tracks ...

Elvis In Concert | The 1977 CBS TV Special

Elvis In Concert is a posthumous 1977 TV special starring Elvis Presley. It was Elvis' third and final TV special, following Elvis (aka The '68 Comeback Special) and Aloha From Hawaii. It was filmed during Elvis' final tour in the cities of Omaha, Nebraska, on June 19, 1977, and Rapid City, South Dakota, on June 21, 1977. It was shown on CBS on October 3, 1977, two months after Elvis' death. It is one of only few of Elvis' programs which remains unlikely to ever be commercially released on home video and is only available in bootleg form. However, parts of the special were used in the video documentary Elvis: The Great Performances and the theatrical documentary This is Elvis, both of which were released on home video.

'For The Good Times' | Ultimate 'Elvis On Tour' Soundtrack 2 CD Set

'For The Good Times' is beautiful 2 CD set in a deluxe digipack should be considered as the ultimate soundtrack to the 1972 ELVIS ON TOUR movie. All performances which are featured in the movie are featured here in their entirety. As a bonus you get the April 5 1972 Buffalo rehearsal.

Elvis Sings For Children And Grownups Too! CD (40th anniversary release)

Elvis Sings For Children And Grownups Too! is the re-release of the classic 1978 album. This 40th anniversary release includes The Original Album + The Alternate Album. Including the bonus photo that was included in the USA with the first pressing of this album. A great collectible item.

I Walk The Line 4 CD Concert Boxset

I Walk The Line 4 CD Concert Boxset | It's August 1970, the recordings for the MGM movie 'That's The Way It Is' are finished and Elvis still has more than 3 weeks to go at the Las Vegas International Hotel before starting another short (but busy) 1 week tour.

Priscilla Presley & Jerry Schilling | Colonel Tom Parker

Listen to Priscilla Presley & Jerry Schilling talk about how to explain Colonel Tom Parker accurately in 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'. Q: How do you resist making the Colonel the bad guy?

Priscilla Presley & Jerry Schilling | Gladys Presley singing 'Home Sweet Home'

Listen to Priscilla Presley & Jerry Schilling talk about Gladys Presley singing 'Home Sweet Home'. As included in the Sony release Elvis Presley: The Searcher Deluxe 3 CD set in 8"x 8" with a 40-page book in slipcase.

Review: Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD

The Memphis Recording Service (MRS), the producers of the 'Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD, boldly state on the front cover that never before have we ever had live film footage (i.e., with synchronized sound) of an Elvis concert from the 50's ... until this time. Well, we certainly do now! Elvis performing 6 songs, including Heartbreak Hotel and Don’t Be Cruel, live in Tupelo Mississippi 1956. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. This is an excellent release no fan should be without it. 
  • The DVD Audio section gives you sound quality superior to CD
  • The DVD Video Section Contains both Video Film and synchronized Sound
MRS has ingeniously coordinated licensed, professionally shot black and white newsreel footage (taken at the afternoon September 1956 Tupelo homecoming concert) with the amateur recording made of the concert (which has previously appeared on the Elvis Presley Golden Celebration LP/CD box sets) and it blows you away! Not because of the quality of the footage and audio, but because of the combination! You will hardly believe your eyes and ears!

Released | Elvis Presley: 'Rebel With A Cause '56' FTD Book and CD

Follow That Dream (FTD) have released 'Rebel With A Cause '56' and our order is on the way to us now. The book contains photos directly from the negatives and thus of remarkable quality! The book was compiled by David English and Pål Granlund. The photos show a twenty-one-year-old Elvis at the beginning of an impressive career that started with his first golden single in '56. Written and produced by David English & Pal Granlund it features newly-discovered images scanned for the first time from the original negatives - exclusive to this book. The book's story starts on August 16 1956 and ends on September 30, 1956!
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Released | Elvis: Murfreesboro '74 FTD Soundboard CD Set

FTD have released the 2 CD set, 'Elvis: Murfreesboro '74' and our order is on the way to us now. Released as a 5" digipack, this 2-CD set features Elvis in great form from two shows on March 14th and 19th at the Murfreesboro Middle State Tennessee University. The sound quality and performances from Elvis and the band are really powerful. 'Steamroller Blues' will knock your socks off!
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Released | 'Elvis: The Fool Album' 2 LP Record Set from FTD Vinyl

FTD Vinyl have released the 'Elvis - The Fool 2 LP Vinyl Album' and our order is on the way to us now. Originally released in July 1973, this album's track listing changed dramatically from RCA's internal documents circulated just one month before. Here for the first time, Disc 1 features the LP sequenced as ORIGINALLY PLANNED. The LP artwork also replicates the original draft layout before it was amended. Disc 2 includes outtakes from the sessions that contributed to the album. Highlights include the rare fully orchestrated version of 'Fool' and the 11-minute plus version of 'Don't Think Twice It's Alright'.
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'Elvis Presley Close Up' 4 CD Bookset Re-release April 6

'Elvis Presley Close Up' features four important and key periods of Elvis Presley's incredible career. Fans will be delighted with the glimpse into Elvis' music making-making techniques. There are 89 songs by the King of Rock ‘N RollRare stereo masters from the ‘50s and outtakes from his first 4 post-Army films are also included. Hear the impressive and comprehensive outtakes from almost every Studio B session in Nashville. Finally, enjoy Elvis at the peak of his career in a complete, live concert recorded in San Antonio, Texas in 1972.
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Elvis: Easter Eggs: Spliced Takes Deluxe Digipack Edition CD

With the Elvis: Easter Eggs: Spliced Takes Deluxe Digipack Edition CD, finally, a 'new' Spliced take album available, and it was worth the wait. This one includes all tracks from the 1966 recording sessions, many gospel songs were recorded, but also some excellent other tracks.

Kissin Cousins: Spliced Take Special: Cardsleeve Edition CD

Kissin Cousins: Spliced Take Special: Cardsleeve Edition CD is an incredible new album, featuring extended versions, alternate takes including new instrumental tracks and some pretty cool edits! Don't think you already heard these! ALL tracks are brand new edits and sound very rare, The title track, for example, starts off with an alternate opening and includes the extra verses.

Elvis Presley's RIAA Certified Album Update

Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, and RCA Records acknowledge the astounding ongoing impact of the music and artistry of Elvis Presley, whose all time RIAA certified album awards in the US now top 146.5 million units.

Elvis Presley's Appearance in Blade Runner 2049

Elvis in Blade Runner 2049: One of the best films of last year was 'Blade Runner 2049' by director Denis Villeneuve. It was the sequel to the 1982 'Blade Runner' and stared Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. Set thirty years after the first film, Ryan Gosling plays K, a blade runner. And, Yes, in 2049 ELVIS is still relevant! His great musical legacy continues and his holographic image is still playing in Las Vegas. In a delightful touch ELVIS is still playing in Las Vegas but now as a hologram. View the scene.

Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite | Fact & Fancy

It has always been stated that the 'Aloha From Hawaii' concert that was 'broadcast to the whole world live via satellite' to over 1 Billion viewers. But was it? Michael Werner and Bianca Weber have invested more than half a year of concentrated research to shed light on several aspects regarding this event.

Donna Butterworth dies at 62

Donna Butterworth, a child actress and singer who co-starred with Elvis Presley in the 1966 movie 'Paradise, Hawaiian Style', died Tuesday at Hilo Medical Center following a long illness. She was 62.

Elvis Presley: The Searcher (2018) Official Trailer | HBO

Here is the Official Trailer for the new multi-part documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher, directed by Thom Zimny and airing on HBO (USA) on April 14, pushes past the larger-than-life image of The King of Rock and Roll, portraying him instead as a man and an artist 'who wanted to heal, to find that thing that was always felt to be missing, and to do it through the music'. The documentary borrows its name from a key Priscilla Presley quote: 'Elvis was a searcher,' she says in the documentary's trailer. 'He said to me, 'I wanna be able to reach and feel what we all go through as human beings'. Featuring interviews with Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris, and Bruce Springsteen, the three-hour, two-film presentation debuts April 14 at 8 P.M. on HBO.

Review | Elvis: 'Loving You' DVD

When premiered in 1957, moviegoers could barely hear the dialogue due to the screaming and swooning of Elvis' frenzied fans. Now newly remastered for optimum sound and picture quality, 'Loving You' stars a young Elvis Presley in his second feature film. This semi-autobiographical tale - which boasts some of his most outstanding performances including Teddy Bear and Loving You - chronicles the King's meteoric rise to super-stardom. With his unique vocal style, smoldering sensuality, and easy-going sex appeal to burn, Elvis shows us why he will live forever! This is highly recommended DVD release.