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Elvis' Humor: Girls, Guns & Guitars

By: Elvis Australia
Source: www.elvis.com.au
April 30, 2016 - 1:00:23 PM
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'Elvis Humor' is a biography of Elvis' top 290 comic moments. The King of rock and roll is for the first time revealed as the King of humor. Girls, guns, guitars, morgues, one-way mirrors, fleets of gifts, duping the U.S. President, chimpanzee sex, charade assassins, and water pistol fights are the deepest insights into the real Elvis. Presley had a thoughtful, comprehensive sense of humor, as detailed in the first chapter 'The Psychology of Elvis' Humor'.

The best comic moments of his life follow.

What Others Say about Elvis Presley's Humor:

• 'I wish we had a full-length documentary of the way we all carried on at these locations. It would be a heck of a comedy'. – Sonny West (bodyguard)

• 'Elvis, as much as anybody I've ever known in my life, loved to laugh. His whole life was built around trying to find humor in things'. - Ronnie Tutt (drummer)

• 'Whether it was a whoopee cushion placed on one of the guy's chairs or dried red peppers poured on someone's eggs, there was always a prank ready to be played'. - Peggy Lipton (model, girlfriend) • 'Elvis was an impulsive guy. And when you mix impulse, temper, and pills, you're going to have some interesting situations'. – Memphis Mafia)

• 'Elvis had no parameters. He moved the lines of behavior wherever he wanted them and if he went too far, he moved them out farther'. - Lamar Fike (stage lighting, MM)


'Elvis Humor' is a biography of Elvis' top 290 comic moments.
'Elvis Humor' is a biography of Elvis' top 290 comic moments.

Elvis' Humor' Book

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